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Private Events

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Hosting your own Event?

Birthday Party?       Neighbourhood Event?     School Celebration?      Holiday Get-Together



No matter what event you're hosting, make sure the children are entertained from start to finish by inviting The Underdog Games! 

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Meet your Entertainer!

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  • Kevin is a qualified primary school teacher from Dublin. 

  • Since attaining his degree in 2016, he has taught in over 30 primary schools across the capital. 

  • Kevin has worked at various Summer Camps over the last 5 years, in both Ireland and USA.  

  • It was at these camps that he developed his passion for team-centred games and began creating a comprehensive program of his own. 

  • Kevin combined his passion for working with children with his love for games to create The Underdog Games in 2018.

Why choose Kevin?

  • Kevin has a rare ability to gain a strong rapport with every child he meets. His energy and passion is infectious and due to his meticulous planning, the games are always diverse and exciting! Each game is carefully selected to challenge different body movements and skillsets, meaning children of all abilities and ages can flourish and have fun!

Safety and Welfare

  • Kevin is fully Garda Vetted by both the Teaching Council and The Irish Vetting Services.

  • The Underdog Games is comprehensively insured and licensed. 

  • Kevin is First Aid Trained and is committed to the highest safety standards and policies. 

Make a Booking!

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For all queries related to pricing and availability, please contact us below! 

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