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Stay Up, Stay Active!

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Teen Camp Programme (13-14 year olds)

"We don't stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing" - George Bernard Shaw

The Underdog Games is excited to announce the launch of our NEW Teen Camp Programme for 13-14 year olds!

Adolescence play improves “flexible thinking and problem solving, mastery and optimism"

Lester S., Russell W. Play for a Change. National Children’s Bureau; London, U.K: 2008. p. 128. 

Teen Camp Programme: An extension of our Senior Camps!

  • Based on the same 'game-based' model that made our Senior Camps (5-12 yo) the most popular camp in Dublin 7, we've extended our programme to allow young Teens to continue enjoying The Underdog Games!

  • We've taken all the great games from the Senior Camp and adapted them to suit an older group: Think bigger challenges, faster pace, more controlled chaos!

  • Our Teen Campers are given greater autonomy and responsibility when choosing and running activities. 

  • Campers will not only participate but also create their own games for the camp; promoting leadership, creativity and group work!

  • Our 'Stay Up, Stay Active' Teen camps are the perfect opportunity to keep teenagers active and engaged during the long 3-month summer break!

30 Diverse 

Team Builders!

Choose your Own!

Design your Own!

Why should Young Teenagers still Play?

Why choose The Underdog Games?


This is undoubtedly the best summer camp the children went to. They absolutely loved every day and to hear them talk about all the retro games we played as kids took me back. Kevin & team's enthusiasm & attention to detail was incredible. I felt they were in safe hands. Can't wait to return