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Stay Up, Stay Active!

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Teen Camp Programme (13-14 year olds)

"We don't stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing" - George Bernard Shaw

The Underdog Games is excited to announce the launch of our NEW Teen Camp Programme for 13-14 year olds!

Adolescence play improves “flexible thinking and problem solving, mastery and optimism"

Lester S., Russell W. Play for a Change. National Children’s Bureau; London, U.K: 2008. p. 128. 

Teen Camp Programme: An extension of our Senior Camps!

  • Based on the same 'game-based' model that made our Senior Camps (5-12 yo) the most popular camp in Dublin 7, we've extended our programme to allow young Teens to continue enjoying The Underdog Games!

  • We've taken all the great games from the Senior Camp and adapted them to suit an older group: Think bigger challenges, faster pace, more controlled chaos!

  • Our Teen Campers are given greater autonomy and responsibility when choosing and running activities. 

  • Campers will not only participate but also create their own games for the camp; promoting leadership, creativity and group work!

  • Our 'Stay Up, Stay Active' Teen camps are the perfect opportunity to keep teenagers active and engaged during the long 3-month summer break!

30 Diverse 

Team Builders!

Choose your Own!

Design your Own!

Why should Young Teenagers still Play?