Get Up, Get Active!

Easter & Summer Camp Programme

Helping children rediscover the joy of playing outside

The Underdog Games offers an unrivalled camp programme for primary school children!

  • 40+ diverse and exciting Team Games per week!

  • Suitable for all Ages and Abilities!

  • Meticulous Organisation - no waiting around! 

  • High Quality Equipment and Facilities - we choose only the best venues!

  • Operated by experienced Primary School Teacher with fully trained Camp Staff!

  • Perfect Non-Sport Alternative for your child!

  • Unbeatable Prices - don't break the bank over the holidays!

  • Excellent Adult-Child Ratio - ensuring your child's safety! 

This is my favourite camp I've ever done because it's like doing PE for 5 hours a day

Martha, 10 years old


Capture the Flag!


Tug of War!


Obstacle Courses!

Fortnite Battle!

Last Man Standing!

Messy Bedroom!

Sink the Ship!

Kill the President!

Hula Looper!

Keeper of the Keys!

Water Fights!

And many many more!!

Check out our Camp Slideshow below!


This is undoubtedly the best summer camp the children went to. They absolutely loved every day and to hear them talk about all the retro games we played as kids took me back. Kevin & team's enthusiasm & attention to detail was incredible. I felt they were in safe hands. Can't wait to return!

Gillian Ryan

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100% of parents/guardians would recommend The Underdog Games to a friend!

Based on anonymous feedback of 56 parents/guardians following our 2020 Summer Camps

2021 Dates and Venues


Halloween Blitz just announced!

2-day Midterm Blitz! 
October 28-29 (Thursday - Friday)


St. Dominic's College, Ratoath Rd, Ashtown, D07 NX47



5 -12  (all children must be attending Primary School)

9am - 2pm daily  


 €50 - 1st child
 €40 - 2nd child
 - 3rd child*

*  +€10 discount for EVERY additional sibling!


Secure your child's place with just €20 deposit!